Through FileLine, Access offers you individually designed information management and records retention plans as well as provides client support at 1 877 FileLine. can be custom-tailored to meet your organization’s records management needs.

Authorized users will be given a username and password. Your username and password will have been set up to allow you to access certain groups of records as well as certain functions.

Once your records are safely stored in the Access Records Center, you can use to search your stored inventory, and submit requests to have items delivered back to your facility. gives you the ability to maintain an inventory of the items you send to the Access Records Center for storage. With just a few quick steps, you will be on your way to ensuring that you have an accurate accounting of your storage inventory, making future retrievals and reporting that much easier.

Depending on the level of detail you wish to maintain within the Access database, you may elect to individually list, or index, the files contained within each of your boxes.

“ is a powerful resource. It is the easiest, most efficient and most secure way to access your records and information.”

“Using increases the speed with which your order is processed, mitigates your risk of inadvertent disclosure due to misdirection of confidential information and it even helps us both ‘Go Green!’ by reducing paper use.”

Lariza Stringfellow | Access Director of Information Systems and Training