The FileBridge platform is a completely integrated records and information management solution composed of three core components:

  • FileBridge Digital
  • FileBridge Paper
  • FileBridge HR

The Digital platform automates documentation processes. The Paper platform manages physical records and serves as a path towards digital documentation. And the HR platform stores all employee-related documents and helps businesses remain compliant. While each component operates independently, the entire FileBridge suite also works together to comprehensively address all of your governance, retention and destruction needs.

Proactively Manage Your Digital Processes

The FileBridge Digital platform quickly integrates with your business system to automate your workflow processes, approvals and record notifications, in order to reduce manual steps and accelerate your organization’s flow of information. Designed to rapidly search and retrieve critical records, the platform also efficiently recognizes which ones are missing and proactively alerts you to them.

Reduce Costs and Reliance on Paper Processes

FileBridge Paper is the only application designed to help reduce the cost of your paper records management program. The platform is equipped with a dashboard of analytics and ROI calculators that gives you a real-time view of your physical inventory, including:

  • What paper inventory is currently in storage.
  • What inventory is available for destruction.
  • What inventory can be digitized into a secure platform.

The information can then be used to reduce storage space and costs, as well as to build a bridge towards digital documentation processes.

Enhance Internal HR Practices

With FileBridge HR, you can store all of your employee documents in a single, secure repository that makes it easy to find what you need using only three clicks. By keeping you informed about what files you currently have, and alerting you to what you are missing, the HR dashboard’s built-in monitors will ensure that you remain compliant with any relevant state and federal regulations.

Ensure Documentation Compliance Across Your Organization

As an added benefit to our clients, FileBridge Governance supervises your overall compliance of both paper and digital documents. The simple-to-use interface, which categorizes documents as they are created to assign the applicable governance policy, can manage legal holds, apply consistent policy and enforce retention procedures.

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