energizedAt Access, we are passionate about what we do, that is, leading the records and information management industry by providing our clients the VERY BEST service. We know that to accomplish this goal, every one of our Team Members must be fit – in all the various ways that applies – playing at the top of their game, every day, without exception.

This is why we have just introduced a company-wide initiative to promote and support the health and well-being of our Team Members as well as everyone with whom we do business. It’s a way to help each of us better understand, protect and improve our personal health. We’re doing it by sharing educational resources and promoting increased awareness and encouraging personal activity and healthier living.

By making a commitment to donate to life-saving charitable organizations over the course of the next year – basing our corporate contribution on the achievements of everyone involved – we are cheering all participants on toward reaching ever-higher goals.

We are encouraging others to “Get ENERGIZED!” too by sharing the enthusiasm and healthy-living resources we are developing with our clients and business partners, inviting them to share their health-improvement achievements with us. As they do, we are including their “positive steps” in the calculation toward our corporate donations to charities!

– Rob Alston, Access Chief Executive Officer


It’s all about YOU and your health.

But, it’s really much more. It’s about working together and encouraging one another – to benefit each of us individually and as a Team.

And, it’s about sharing our success within our communities by our company donating to life-saving charitable organizations.

– Nate Campbell, Access Chief Operating Officer
Introducing the ENERGIZED! Program, September 11, 2014

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