Confidentiality. Accuracy. Consistency. Punctuality.

When members of the legal industry choose their records and information management vendor, they look to fulfill these basic foundations. Without them, the legal community cannot protect their clients’ interests, remain compliant with federal and state regulations, or streamline the processes and procedures that ensure they optimize their schedules, space and budgets.

[hover_pack img_id=”5189″ link=”” title=”Automotive Dealers” title_visible=”title_visible” text=”Our Dealer Document Management Solutions help you save money and space, eliminate lost paperwork and protect your customers’ sensitive information.”]
[hover_pack img_id=”5182″ link=”” title=”Educational Institutions” title_visible=”title_visible” text=”Manage student, faculty and back-office records while maintaining compliance with all applicable state and federal regulations.”]
[hover_pack img_id=”5188″ link=”” title=”Financial Organizations” title_visible=”title_visible” text=”Increase your competitive advantage with our full-suite of document management solutions, designed to protect sensitive records and ensure compliance.”]
[hover_pack img_id=”5184″ link=”” title=”SMB and Enterprise Businesses” title_visible=”title_visible” text=”Whether your business is small, mid-sized or large, you need secure, compliant and efficient document storage, conversion and destruction solutions.”]
[hover_pack img_id=”5195″ link=”” title=”Government Agencies” title_visible=”title_visible” text=”Customized solutions, strict confidentiality controls and secure offsite facilities to help you comply with federal regulations and presidential directives.”]
[hover_pack img_id=”5168″ link=”” title=”Healthcare Facilities” title_visible=”title_visible” text=”Bridge the gap between physical and digital patient records, reduce costs and streamline efficiencies with RIM solutions specifically designed for medical facilities.”]
[hover_pack img_id=”5181″ link=”” title=”Insurance Companies” title_visible=”title_visible” text=”Make faster claim decisions, retrieve and deliver information quickly, ensure unbroken chain-of-custody and reduce costs with our comprehensive RIM solutions.”]
[hover_pack img_id=”5175″ link=”” title=”Law Firms” title_visible=”title_visible” text=”Protect client interests, remain compliant with regulations, streamline processes and optimize your firm’s schedules, space and budget with a personalized RIM program.”]
[hover_pack img_id=”5176″ link=”” title=”Mortgage and Loan Providers” title_visible=”title_visible” text=”Expedite loan decisions, share information between brokers quickly and organize your in-house systems with compliant imaging, storage and retrieval solutions.”]
[hover_pack img_id=”5196″ link=”” title=”Retail Businesses” title_visible=”title_visible” text=”Our personalized document management solutions help to streamline your retail documentation processes while ensuring state and federal regulatory compliance.”]

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