Access Records Containers: Always the VERY BEST choice.
Access Letter / Legal Container:  12” x 15” x 10” | 1.2 Cubic Feet
Professionally designed for the efficient and economical protection of your organization’s important information.
Remember, using sturdy Access containers today will save you money over time because they won’t require costly replacement and repacking after continual retrieval.
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GUIDELINES for Packing Your Records
These are the most efficient and secure ways to prepare records for transport to Access and to ensure safe and secure handling of your records for many years to come.
  • Group records as you would in your office file cabinets.
  • Use sturdy containers specifically designed for records storage and that will stand the test of time.
  • Be sure that the document and/or file information is facing you as is the Index and Activity Panel of the box itself.
  • Make sure all the files are facing in the same direction and that their tabs can be read while the Index Panel is facing you.
  • Don’t overpack the box.
  • Leave ample room for future interfiling and file retrieval.
  • Avoid making the box too heavy to manage in the office.
  • When moving records containers within the office, lift them carefully to avoid injury or back strain.
Yet another good reason to choose the specially Access Letter / Legal Container — it’s just the right size to avoid becoming too heavy and makes relocation within your office that much easier for you!