Off-Site Records Management Program | Access - Information Management

Increasing regulatory compliance and the ever-present need to access records for audits, lawsuits and general business operations require confidentiality, security, and technology.

Access allows you to save valuable on-site space, protect records and improves the efficiency of accessing records when you need them most.


Record Centers
Meet the most stringent security standards throughout the industry and employ the latest fire suppression technology.

Utilizing barcode-based container- and tape-level inventory, scanners provide point-to-point tracking and chain of custody. Our FileLineACCESS web-based inventory management system provides a convenient and secure gateway.

Secure vehicles and highly trained trasportation specialists provide next-day, same-day and priority-rush services. 24/7 emergency services are also available.

Special Services
Project management, scan-on-demand retrieval requests and electronic records management solutions