Access’s Pack and Purge service addresses two challenges we know face our customers throughout the year.   Specifically, packing up those older records that don’t merit on-site storage, and then purging those records that don’t warrant further retention.

As the name suggests our Pack and Purge teams are available to take on the task of pulling older files from storage systems and loading them into new records storage cartons to be stored at our records center.  Using trained staff supported by records experts is a great value compared to hiring temps or drawing on existing staff’s time.  We will work with you to define how you want to represent the contents of each box or even each file within each box in our web based inventory control software.  This is an ideal time to consider a more detailed file by file inventory approach using the ActiveWeb software.

Your staff is busy – we know that.  Take advantage of our years of experience in this area and free them to be more productive.