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Completing I-9’s correctly and efficiently can be a hassle. State to state employment eligibility compliance is difficult to interpret and implement across distributed organizations and non-compliance means fines, loss of staff, court costs and legal fees and damage to the public image of the company. Access has solutions that makes it easy for employees to complete electronic I-9s correctly, with on-screen error messages to catch mistakes as they occur.

Here’s how the Access can help reduce the risk of non-compliance and ease I-9 audit concerns:

  • Simplify employment verification compliance with  a single, secure database
  • Respond quickly to I-9 compliance reviews
  • Assure supporting documentation is complete
  • Simplify ongoing compliance document retention requirements
  • Streamline migration of historical I-9s
  • Market leading I-9 Compliance solution
  • Seamless integration of workflows and document management
  • Adherence to only the strictest of security and data encryption standards