The use of mini-storage facilities for storage and management of business records was at one time a common option for businesses in our area. This has changed to a large degree for a variety of reasons. For example, costs, adherence to governing law and rapid availability.

The bottom line cost of using mini-storage for records goes far beyond the monthly rent on the space. There is a labor cost associated with using office staff to travel to the facility to retrieve records that goes beyond just the individual’s wage. The displacement of that person from their job duties must also be considered. There is the potential cost associated with not being able to produce a record due to makeshift inventory management controls.

Actual storage costs for mini-storage users are based on renting a unit of a certain dimension. For example, a 10′ x 10′ costs on average about $171.00 per month. Capacity varies depending on if you shelve the unit, another expense – or just stack boxes as high as you can go. The latter option presents issues in that records are hard to retrieve and access to stacked records may result in injury.

In most instances Access storage rates represent a significant savings versus the even a full mini-storage unit. The cost disparity is even greater up to the time your unit reaches capacity.