A Nationwide Footprint

Access has long enjoyed a reputation as the most highly respected records and information services provider because of our outstanding team members, great service and business integrity. Now, Access has doubled in size with our acquisition of Retrievex, a company also known for great service, business integrity and an outstanding team.

While Access has commanded market leadership in California, Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest, Retrievex has operated in 15 markets that are virtually all new markets for Access. So, for Access’ part, we have now expanded dramatically in the Northeast and Midwest and have entered New England for the first time. We are now a truly nation-wide service provider, covering 29 markets throughout the United States and have a presence in San Jose, Costa Rica, as well!

A Single Provider In Multiple Markets

For your part, please realize that we can now provide service to you in markets that you may require service but where we could not help you until now. I encourage you to talk with us about the wonderful new possibilities – and the significant advantages – of your using a single provider in the multiple cities in which you do business.

Change Brings Opportunity

While an event of this magnitude surely represents change for our team members, the most important thing to recognize is that our commitment to you, our valued client, remains constant. In fact, our combined-company mission has now been more clearly defined.

Our mission is: To lead the records and information management industry by providing our clients the very best service… The very BEST service.